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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your company licensed and have fully insured?
Yes, ASL Remodeling is fully licensed and fully insured with liability and worker’s compensation
What kind of services are you providing?

Our Services:

• Architectural & Engineering plans

• Design

• Interior designers team

• Full 3D Rendering

• Consultation, guidance & management  throughout the entire project

• Assigned Project manager throughout the entire project

Our Construction Services:

• Custom Home Building

• ADUs

• Addition building

• Full home remodeling

• Kitchen Remodel

• Bathroom Remodel

What kind of quality would I receive?

We provide top-notch high-end quality results

What kind of warranty would I get ?
To make sure that you’ll have peace of mind, we are providing 12 months on any of our work. If something goes wrong, we’ll send you one of our team members to take care of it.
Are you providing the time frame for each of your jobs?
Yes, before we’ll move forward with you, we’ll provide you with the time frame for how long the project would take
How can I be sure that the project will look exactly as I envision at the end ?
To help you determine your vision for your project, we’ll take you to the showrooms that we are working with to select all the finished materials. Then our designers will integrate all the finished materials and your appliances into the 3D rendering software, So you can see how it will all come together before finalizing your order of the finished materials and to ensure that you are satisfied with your decision
How do you estimate the cost of a project?

While every project is distinct, generally speaking, our lowest remodel starts at 25k, a kitchen remodel starts at 45k, a full home remodel is about $100 – $200 per sq. Ft.  and an extension is between $400 – $550 per sq. Ft.

What is included in our prices?
Our price  includes rough materials, design, job labor and a dedicated  project manger  throughout the process to ensure high quality results and complete customer satisfaction
What is not included in our price ?
All finished materials are not included, like tile, countertops, light fixtures, cabinets, plumbing supplies, etc. City fees
What is the difference between rough materials and finished materials?
Rough materials refers to the “skeleton” of the house. This includes materials such as drywall, nails, rough electrical, rough plumbing, framing, etc. Finished materials are the final touches that you see on the outside such as tile, cabinets, countertops, shower heads, faucets, vanity, etc. 
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