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Get the most effective garage conversion ADU San Jose from ASL Remodeling Construction Company. Our quality of service, skilled team of workers, and high-quality service make us the best. So, you can choose us. You can increase the value of your home and can create more living space if you convert it.

Garage Conversion San Jose

San Jose is the largest city in Northern California and the 10th most populous city in the U.S., located in Santa Clara County. It is home to tech giants like Apple, Google, eBay, and Adobe. There are a lot of companies to provide garage conversion ADU in San Jose. However, you can choose ASL Remodeling Construction Company for the best result.

Benefits Of Garage Conversion ADU

There are a lot of benefits to converting a garage to ADU. Here are some of the most common benefits-

  • Increase Your Home’s Value: An ADU adds value to your home, increasing its worth and desirability on the market.
  • Additional Living Space: Whether you use it as a rental unit or an additional living space for family members, an ADU provides extra square footage for whatever purpose you need.
  • Extra Income: Renting out an ADU can provide supplemental income for homeowners.
  • Flexible Floor Plans: The floor plan of an ADU can be tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle. You can add multiple rooms or features like a kitchenette or bathroom, depending on your budget and preferences.
  • Environment Friendly: Garage conversions are one of the most eco-friendly ways to increase your home’s living space without damaging the environment with construction materials and processes.

San Jose ADU Setback

The setback for an ADU in San Jose is 5 feet, regardless of the size of the unit. This setback must be maintained from all property lines, including any shared walls. Additionally, for units that are attached to the primary dwelling unit, there must be an additional two-foot setback from the primary dwelling unit’s wall.

ADU Builder Los Gatos- ASL Remodeling Construction CompanySan Jose ADU Checklist

You need to have a proper plan and strategy for garage conversion ADU San Jose. Here is a checklist that can surely help you-

1. Obtain a Building Permit

Before you can start building an ADU in San Jose, you must first obtain a building permit from the City of San Jose Department of Planning, Building, and Code Enforcement.

2. Design and Construct the ADU

Once you have obtained a building permit, you must design and construct your ADU according to all applicable laws and regulations. This includes meeting all applicable setback requirements, parking requirements, height restrictions, and other local zoning ordinances.

3. Inspections:

Your ADU must pass all required inspections before it can be occupied. These inspections include electrical, plumbing, mechanical, structural, and fire safety inspections.

4. Register the ADU with the City of San Jose

All newly-constructed ADUs must be registered with the City of San Jose within 30 days of receiving occupancy permits or certificates of completion.

5. Finalize Financing

You will need to finalize financing for your ADU before it can be occupied by tenants. This may involve getting a loan or other forms of financing depending on your particular situation.

6. Landlord/Tenant Rights & Responsibilities

It is important that you understand your rights as both a landlord and tenant when renting out an ADU in San Jose so that both parties are aware of their obligations under California law.

San Jose Garage Conversion Permit

Yes, you will need to obtain a permit for your garage conversion in San Jose. You should contact the City of San Jose Planning Department to get more information and/or apply for a permit. The cost of the permit will depend on the scope of work and the size of the project. It is important to note that any electrical or plumbing work will require additional permits from other departments.

San Jose Adu Permit Cost

To get a permit from the authority, you need to fulfill the requirements. And the cost of the projects depends on many things. However, for getting the job done at the lowest cost, you can contact ASL Remodeling Construction Company.

Things To Consider For Garage Conversion ADU

For getting the best result, you can consider these essential things before building an ADU-

  • Zoning Laws: Check with your local zoning laws to make sure you can convert your garage into an ADU.
  • Building Permits: You may need to obtain a building permit for your garage conversion in order to comply with local regulations and ordinances.
  • Energy Efficiency: Consider adding insulation and other energy-efficient features to the walls and ceiling of the garage before beginning the conversion process.
  • HVAC System: Determine how you will provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for your new ADU. Will it be through a separate system or will it share an existing one?
  • Finishes: Select finishes that are durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear from tenants or guests who use this space on a regular basis.
  • Safety Features: Install smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, security systems, and other safety features necessary for any living space to ensure the safety of those who occupy it.

Way To Choose The Best Company For Garage Conversion ADU San Jose

To choose the best company, you should consider the most essential qualities. Therefore, you will be able to narrow down your option. And finally, you will be able to choose the best one for garage conversion ADU San Jose-

1. Consider Experience

You should choose a company with local experience for several reasons. Local companies can offer a more affordable service. In addition, they can collect permission if necessary. So, they are more effective for garage conversion ADU San Jose. Also, construction companies with experience can overcome difficulties easily.

2. Read Reviews About Garage Conversion ADU

The reviews about a construction company will provide you with a lot of information about them. You can know about the good and bad sides of their service. In addition, you can compare different companies according to their reviews. And it will help you to make your final choice.

3. Ask For Quotes From Multiple Companies

There are a lot of companies that offer a cheap service. But they are not effective in the long run. Because they compromise with the quality. So, you need to find a company that offers a high-quality service at a reasonable cost. Therefore, you will be able to get the best result in the end.

4. License Of The Company

License is mandatory for each of the construction companies. For garage conversion ADU San Jose, you should hire a company with a valid license. So, you can ask for a copy of the license from the construction company before hiring them. Therefore, they will provide you with the license.

5. Experience & Training Of The Workers

Experience and training are two things that indicate that the workers have skills. Training helps them to learn new skills. And experience helps them to overcome upcoming challenges. So, you should consider both these qualities before making your decision.

6. Meet Them Face To Face

To know the details of a construction company, you can meet them face to face. You can schedule a consultation and ask them a bunch of questions related to garage conversion ADU San Jose.

7. Hire A Professional Company

In the end, you need to hire a professional construction company. You need to make sure that they know about the job they are doing. In addition, you need to make sure that the construction company is punctual, honest, and reliable.

build an adu los gatos- ASL Remodeling construction company

What Makes ASL Remodeling Construction Company Best For Garage Conversion ADU San Jose?

You can compare us with others and choose us for our quality of service. Here are some of the most common reasons to select ASL Remodeling Construction Company-

  • Good Reputation: We completed our previous projects successfully. It makes us a reputed company in the area. Most people trust us for our quality standard. You also can rely on us.
  • Skilled Workers: The workers of ASL Remodeling Construction Company are trained and experienced. So, they have the skills to offer a quality service. Also, we always maintain our quality as a reputed company.
  • Positive Reviews From Homeowners: If you read the reviews on Houzz and Yelp, you will find that the customers are happy. They also want to hire us again. We also have a good rating for garage conversion ADU.
  • Affordable Service: We maintain the quality of our service. Therefore, we offer garage conversion ADU at a reasonable cost. So, you can choose us for quality and low-cost service.
  • Customer Support: As a professional construction company, we always listen to our customers carefully. Therefore, we try to solve their problems. And provide an effective service.

These are the most common reasons to choose ASL Remodeling Construction Company for garage conversion ADU San Jose. You also can consider other things. We think you will find us equally effective.

Garage Conversion Cost Calculator

You easily can find the calculator to calculate the garage conversion cost. However, for a free calculation, you can contact us. We offer free estimates to our clients. So, you can contact us, consult with us and get a free estimation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between an ADU and a tiny home?

An ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is a secondary living space built on a single-family residential lot, such as a garage or basement conversion. It can be detached from the primary residence and is subject to certain zoning restrictions. A tiny home is typically less than 500 square feet and is built on either a foundation or trailer chassis. Tiny homes are not restricted by zoning regulations and may be placed on any piece of land that allows for residential use.

Are converted garages legal in California?

Generally, any changes to a home’s existing structure must meet certain building codes and be approved by the local governing body. In short, we can say, it is legal to convert a garage. But you need to meet the requirements. For garage conversion ADU service, you can contact ASL Remodeling Construction Company.

Can an ADU have a garage?

Yes, an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) can have a garage. However, it depends on local zoning regulations and the size of the lot. Some municipalities may require that the garage be used for parking only and not for living space. So, it depends.

What happened to unpermitted ADU San Jose?

Unpermitted ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) in the San Jose area are subject to penalties if not brought into compliance with local laws and regulations. So, you should not build without permission from the authority.

What’s one drawback of an ADU?

One of the drawbacks of an ADU is that it can be costly to build due to the need for specialized materials, permits, and labor. Additionally, they may not add significant value to a home if you don’t choose the right contractor. So, you can choose ASL Remodeling Construction Company for garage conversion ADU San Jose. We believe, we can offer you the best result.


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