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Hiring A Contractor For Full Home Renovation

hiring a contractor in Los Gatos, ASL Remodeling Construction Company

What to consider before Hiring a Contractor for your full home renovation in The Bay Area 

It doesn’t matter whether your home project is considered big or a small project , hiring a contractor that specializes in full home renovation is never been easy.

Our professional team at ASL Remodeling, and a solid checklist can help you prepare for your renovations, as well as stay abreast of what’s happening, what’s next, and what to expect as you get further along.

As you begin to check off these items, keep in mind that the renovation itself is best left to hardworking team or a licensed professional, from tear down to clean up

Consult With A Professional Before Hiring a Contractor

You want to talk to a professional contractor about your project, as well as have them evaluate your home’s structure and condition. Are there any safety issues to be concerned about?  What is the condition  of the house prior the renovation.

Would My project Required to pull up a city permit ?

Our recommendations is to use someone local and experienced, so they know the exact processes in your area.

You might need various permissions from the city or county building department, as well as post-project inspections in order to stay up to code.

Reinforce The Structure, Whether Necessary

If the home is particularly old or in disrepair, you may need to instruct your home remodeling company to make structural reinforcements prior moving forward with your project.

This could include adding underpinning or piling to the existing foundation or adding steel beams where necessary.

General contractors should be able to help you reinforce the structure prior to their starting home remodeling date.

Planing Site Access Point

How will the construction team that you are going to hire will have the access the space they’re going to renovate ? More importantly, how will the large machinery and construction tools necessary for the project enter your property? It’s important to gain more information about these tools from your general contractor and how these tools will be directly applied to your renovation project.

Do any demolition work

Your trade contractors should have the manpower and the correct tools when carrying out demolition work, such as removing old cabinetry, tearing down walls, or opening up new windows or doorways.

You should plan to have contractors remove any bulk waste, things like walls, ceiling beams, floors, large cabinets, or a vanity and counters, etc. Most contractors will include disposal in their process and price, so consult with them on how their process works.

Do I need any Relocation of any drains or plumbing

You might need to do some relocation of drains or plumbing

Whether you’re moving your sink, toilet, or tub or adding any new ones. This is also necessary if you are adding or renovating your laundry area. The stress reliever that you don’t have to walk through this step alone when you hire a full-home renovation service company 

Major renovations. 

One of the most important aspect in your home renovation is the big stuff: Like adding the structure of the new home addition, moving the walls and doorways, installing the windows, and putting in large items like islands, vanities, cabinets, and more. 

You’ll want to clearly communicate with your contractor during this step as the placing and structure of these items are crucial to how your home will look in the end.

Flooring and other mini renovations

Minor projects like replacing on old tiles to new tiles, installing your new appliances, painting the walls, and making the aesthetic updates you’ve chosen.

Try to be very clear with your contractors about how these new additions are placed and constructed before hiring a contractor. 

If you clearly communicated your plans long before these installations have started, then you should start to see your new interior come to life before your very eyes.

Hiring A Contractor: The Punch List Prior The Ending Job

Before your full home renovation is about to be done, You’ll need to make a list of things that need some more attention and need to be fixed. 

Go over your punch list with your general contractor to make sure that everything from the punch list is checked off before your final payment.

As a full-service home remodeling company, ASL Remodeling offers all the following services:

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