Old Orchard, Los Gatos

Full Home Remodeling

Project Overview

Transforming a Traditional Residence into a Modern Haven in Los Gatos

Journey through the extraordinary transformation in Los Gatos with ASL Remodeling, where every facet of a once traditional home has been meticulously reimagined, from the kitchen and bathrooms to essential electrical upgrades.

Our Mission:

Witness our dedication to breathing new life into this Los Gatos residence, seamlessly evolving it into a modern haven that reflects contemporary living.

Key Transformations:

Architectural & Engineering Plans:
Meticulously designed structural alterations ensure both safety and aesthetics, with a focus on removing load-bearing walls for a more open and inviting atmosphere.

Interior Design Plans:
Creative input is woven into every aspect, resulting in a harmonious modern look that reflects the vision of a truly transformed living space.

Modern Culinary Sanctuary:
The kitchen undergoes a remarkable transformation, featuring high-quality custom cabinets and state-of-the-art appliances that redefine the heart of the home.

Rejuvenated Bathrooms:
Two bathrooms are revitalized with a blend of modern aesthetics and enhanced functionality, creating spaces that seamlessly integrate style and practicality.

Luxurious Powder Room:
What was once a standard powder room is elevated into a luxurious full walk-in shower, adding both opulence and utility to the home.

Refreshed Interior Paint:
The interiors receive a contemporary touch with refreshed paint, harmonizing with the overall design and contributing to the modern aesthetic.

Electrical Rewiring:
Upgrades to the main and sub-panels ensure both safety and efficiency, bringing the home’s electrical systems in line with modern standards.

Explore the meticulous details that make this full home remodeling project not just a renovation but a story of extraordinary craftsmanship and transformative design.

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