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Remodeling your house to turn it into your dream home is not an easy task. As a homeowner, you will need to arm yourself with patience first and be open about your wishes, your budget, and your concerns. That is the only way general contractors in San Jose can give you exactly what you want.

There are three types of constraints when remodeling a home:


  1. Legal constraints
  2. Technical constraints
  3. Budget constraints

But don’t let these issues discourage you. In the end, you are aiming to create a perfect home for yourself and it should be a place where you can safely, steadily, and happily live for many years.


With ASL Remodeling, you will be able to go through the entire process. From the initial idea to the final finishes, ASL Remodeling offers effective solutions to a wide range of preferences.

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Why Do You Need a General Contractor in San Jose

The biggest advantage of having general contractors in San Jose over simply contracting each job yourself is organization. Our all-in-one team will know exactly which jobs come first and will be able to manage multiple construction teams to finish the project faster and to a higher standard.


The second issue is supervision. A homeowner rarely has the time to visit the site every day and notice if everything is done according to the plan. Small mistakes and oversights, when noticed correctly can be fixed immediately, but if they persist they will create a much bigger problem later.


Finally, there is a connection with skilled craftspeople who will fulfill your dream in the best way possible. With over 20 years of experience, ASL Remodeling is focused on delivering results and ensuring that you need the best professionals in San Jose.

Following the Remodeling Process

To optimize any remodeling process it is necessary to know each of the current aspects of the home and the best way to reach the desired result. Also, there can always be unknown issues such as code violations and internal damage that will be noticed only once renovation starts.


That’s why it is necessary to go slow and easy until the finish line is in sight. Overall, there are five steps in the process that we follow every time:

  • Discovery
  • Design & Planning
  • Work Order Agreement
  • Permits
  • Construction


And, while all of the physical work that you will see is in point #5, everything else is just as much work.

Work Scope and Discovery

Most homeowners have a general idea of how they want their home to look. Some will even browse places like Pinterest for days and give exact examples. But just having a general direction is not enough.


The best general contractors in San Jose are those who will take the time with you to go back and forth and find the exact solution you want that works in your home.


For that, it is necessary to measure everything and check the floors, walls, and roofing, as well as electrical installations and water lines. The more you can do around the existing infrastructure, the faster and cheaper the project will be.


Today, you will get multiple 3D renderings of your future home so that you can see how it looks. And, whatever you don’t like or think of changing is not a problem at this stage. As a matter of fact, it’s advisable to state any issue you have.

Reconstruction and Interior Design

The next step is to plan out where any reconstruction is needed and where it is possible to focus on interior design. If everything is up to code and there are no changes to the square footage of the house it’s possible to focus on the latter only.


Here at ASL Remodeling, we focus on a mixture of functionality, aesthetics, and innovation. The goal is to get your home to look exactly how you imagine it, while still being modern, useful, and as easy to maintain as possible.


Through this process, your home will be brought up to code, and everything that is not in perfect working order will be planned out to be fixed. Tasks will be included with the remodeling process to reduce work time as well as your expenses.

Setting up a Work Order Agreement

For general contractors in San Jose, every part of the project will need to be agreed on separately. At ASL Remodeling, we will offer you a comprehensive proposal and scope of work. Inspections and estimated timelines will be provided at this point as well.


We believe in full transparency and will show you exactly what you are getting. For instance, if you want a kitchen remodel you will be receiving the full cost of labor, materials, parts, and permits in separate brackets.


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Collecting Permits

For most homeowners, collecting permits is the most bothersome and time-consuming task in remodeling. While most forms can be downloaded online, it takes time to fill them out, check everything, and give them for filing. This is especially the case if you are not sure whether you will be accepted or not.

With our team, this is included in the service. We will ensure that you receive all of the permits and that the construction will go without a hitch.

Deconstruction and Construction

This is the last leg of the process and the one where you will see your dream home come to life. Everything that isn’t needed will be deconstructed and taken away quickly and safely.


Next, the project will go in stages where every day something is being done on your home. This way everything can be finished in record time and you can start enjoying your home as soon as possible.

Key in Hand

Once the job is done, you will receive the keys to your newly remodeled home and will be able to start enjoying it immediately. With everything prepared and cleaned up from both the house and the yard, you will not even notice that it was a full construction site just a week prior.


We aim for customer satisfaction and believe that not opening you to stress and showing you the process where you will be happy is key to a painless home remodeling for the owner.


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