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What to Look for in ADU Builders in the Bay Area?

Deciding to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on your property is by far the best way to increase the property value. Also, you can use that additional unit to create extra income or house some of your family members. But, it is important which ADU builders in the Bay Area you will choose.


The current rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco has surpassed $3000, which will make the building pay for itself over time. And, if you are using good materials and good planning you will win on multiple fronts.


ADU builders in San Jose with ASL Remodeling have decades of experience and can quickly and effectively help you either expand or remodel your property. As many of the solutions are already prefabricated, it is possible to receive a design and a quote quickly and start as soon as possible.


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What do ADU Builders in the Bay Area Offer?

While ADUs are the most effective way to increase housing supply without changing the existing nature of the Bay Area neighborhoods, there are still restrictions on how and where they can be built.


Also, picking which type of accessory dwelling is important because the California building code prevents multiple types of dwellings from being built on the same property.


Generally, you have 3 choices when it comes to ADUs:

  1. Attached ADU
  2. Detached ADU
  3. JADU – Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit

And, while the restrictions on the size of the ADU exist depending on the size of the plot, for smaller plots, they become very reasonable. The average plot size in the Bay Area is 3000 ft2, and the ADU you can build in such a plot is up to 1000 ft2.


Especially in cases where you wish to extend your property for your kids, parents, or other family, the communal space can work for multiple people and make the whole property much more valuable in utility alone.


With the prices of homes and rent in the Bay Area today, solving your family’s issue this way is the most cost-effective way to provide housing while allowing for more privacy.

Attached Buildings

As the name suggests, attached ADUs are connected with the main house and usually, it is possible to move from one building to the other from the inside. Colloquially, it is often called the “in-laws” apartment because, for young parents, it’s easy to have the in-laws next to you to assist with child care while lowering the housing cost.


The attached ADUs provide a mixture of practicality and utility. The layout can be quite diverse, and it is only partially dependent on the materials and layout of the main house.


But, because it is attached it is possible to use the same utility connections that are available in the main house. This will reduce the overall costs of heating, AC, water, and sewage for both units.

Detached Buildings

ADU builders in the Bay Area prefer this type of ADU because of the freedom to put in any type of layout. While they are slightly more expensive to maintain and build, they will always offer the maximum square footage and the best layout.


Because of those liberties, they will increase the price of your property the most. In fact, you will receive a second complete house that can be up to 1000 ft2 for plots under 9000 ft2 and up to 1200 ft2 for over.


Because they are detached, the layout is independent from the main house, and some additions can be made that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. One option is adding a porch or an additional driveway, which would expand the useful space on the plot.


The downside is that the detached ADU will need its own set of utility attachments. And, depending on the type of plot it might be necessary to make a second foundation to house the new unit.


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Garage Remodeling and Junior ADU

These are the cheapest ADUs to build but in general, they rarely exceed 500 ft2 in size. Garage remodeling is adapting the roofing of the garage and possibly the attic of the house to make a new apartment.


Having a good Bay Area home remodeling contractor can make this process go easily. A professional in this case is needed to keep the general quality and aesthetics as the rest of the house, but with more square feet on the inside.


Alternatively, building a JADU is adapting the inside of the home on the same footing as the main house to create a separate apartment. This will create increased privacy and could be as private as an attached ADU. But, there is a restriction on space and it will usually take from the primary residence at least a bit.


For homeowners, this is one of the best options for adult children who are still in college or have just started working. It will allow for privacy and a dose of independence while not breaking the bank on either rent or remodeling costs.

Advantages of ADU in the Bay Area

There is a big argument that building ADUs in the Bay Area is an overall public good. By increasing the housing supply, homeowners are directly contributing to the normalization of housing opportunities for everyone in the state.


But, even for the homeowners themselves, several benefits will be experienced at the same time.

Some of them are:

  1. Building an ADU is tax-exempt from 2024
  2. It is possible to gain a tax credit on the construction itself
  3. ADU will directly increase your property value by as much as 30%
  4. It is possible to gain a rental income from empty ADUs
  5. It is possible to house friends and family
  6. Multi-generation living reduces expenses for all cohabitants


While building a large detached ADU can cost around $300,000 and up to build, that is just a fraction of the $1.18 million the average home costs in the Bay Area.


Especially with the tax exemption, the ADU is expected to pay for itself in the next 7 years whatever the housing situation. And it increases the value of the property more than the cost of construction virtually immediately.


If you have the capability, there are no good reasons not to consider building an ADU and having the land you already have worth more and to be even more useful.


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