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Construction company in Bay area

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Custom Home Builder

Whether you are preparing to sell or renovate your dream home, ASL Remodeling can transform your outdated house into a magazine-worthy home

Construction Company

Whether you are preparing to sell or renovate your dream home, An ADU – otherwise known as a granny flat or mother-in-law house – it has a new structure that’s been attached or detached from the existing residence.

Bathroom remodeler

As a bathroom renovation Contractor in the South Bay Area, we specialize in transforming your bath into a sanctuary, whether that requires a facelift or a full remodeling

Kitchen remodeler

Our goal is to make your kitchen renovation as functional as it is transcending. Our custom kitchens are fashioned from top to bottom with every detail considered

Specialize in Home Remodeling

ASL Remodeling Construction Company in the bay area is expert for all kind of construction work. You can get the best home remodeling, room additions, custom home and other services from us.

ASL Remodeling Construction Company in Bay Area


We are a committed home remodeling and home construction company based in California. Our services are available to all the commercial and residential property owners around the bay area. The team at ASL Remodeling construction company is always looking forward to delivering value to your work along with a high-quality service.

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Our team will listen to you and get to know about the needs and wants you to have based on your preferences. Then we will provide the recommendations to you based on what you need and how to get them catered in the most efficient, local, and feasible manner. Once we agree to everything, we will be able to move forward with the project, where we can serve all the needs you have.

When you partner with ASL Remodeling construction company, you will not just be able to keep your home looking beautiful. You will also get the support needed to keep the enhanced functionality of your home as well. We are always looking to deliver a quality service.

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ASL Remodeling Construction Company in bay area

That’s because we value customer satisfaction than anything.

Our team knows that the delivery of a quality service is the only possibility that we have to ensure the best customer satisfaction at all times and stick to it. Providing 100% customer satisfaction, exceptional attention to details and high – quality craftsmanship.

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Our Service

Construction Company in Bay area Serving South Bay Area

In addition to our top-quality work, we’re known for our professionalism as well as going above and beyond in customer service. Every day on the job, we never lose sight of the fact you are a valued client and we are a guest in your home. We’re experienced professionals who genuinely and uniquely respect your goals, needs, budget and desired completion date. We know home design and construction can be stressful for a homeowner, and we take pride in making it a smooth, efficient and successful experience. Our general contractors travel across the greater South Bay Area to areas including the Los Gatos,Palo Alto, Atherton, San Mateo, Mountain View , Los Altos Hills, San Jose. and more.


We’re not building a future for a few years. We’re building for a lifetime.

Get an Estimate

In the first stage, we’ll send one of our project manager specialists that will be assigned to your project. In the meeting our specialist  will outline your needs, goals, lifestyle, and design inspirations, base on that, we’ll recommend you whether you need an interior designer or basic design service

Our Proposal

Our professional project manager that will be assigned to your project, will provide you with the full cost, plan, duration of the project and guidance.

Our design services

Design service without interior designer

First Stage

Your project manager will schedule a conference meeting with one of our designers. In the meeting, our designer will go over all the necessary details for the project with you and your project manager

Second Stage

After the meeting with our designer, our designer will provide you a new layout plan with a black and white pre-rendering to, be able to visualize your project concept.

Third Stage

Finish Materials Selection – our project manager specialist, will schedule a meeting to accompany you to a list of showrooms that we are working with to select all the finished materials for your project.

Fourth Stage

Our designer will start working on your design. He will integrated all the finish materials and appliances that you’ve selected into a 3D rendering design.

Fifth Stage

We’ll provide you with a full 3D renderings and a new layout floor plan of your project.

Interior designer service

When you selected our interior designer service, one of our interior designers that will be assigned to you will schedule an interview with you to outline your needs, goals, lifestyle, and design inspirations.

The design stages

First stage:

Development and presentation of new interactive 3D design.

Second Stage:

Creation of all 2D detailed working drawings and plans for new designs.

Third Stage:

Selection of all finishing materials and preparation of bill of quantities.

Fourth Stage

Our designer will start working on your design. He will integrated all the finish materials and appliances that you’ve selected into a 3D rendering design.

Fifth Stage

Production of 3D rendered images of the new designs, including the selected materials.


Architectural & Engineering Plans

For: New Construction, ADUs, Room Addition, Existing structural modifications

The stages:

• Draw architectural plans for the existing structure.

• Draw architectural proposed plans approved by client.

• Provide calculations details.

• Have the plans stamped by our engineer

• Submit the plans for city approval

• Answer comments for the plans that being required by the city building department.

• Have the architectural & engineer plans approved by the city

Permits and city approval

We’ll handle the city permits for you that you won’t need to deal with the city at all.

The Construction stages

After we have finalized all the paperwork, the plan, the design, and the finished materials, it’s time for the fun part, the construction of your new custom or remodeled home


Is your company licensed and have fully insured?

Yes, ASL Remodeling is fully licensed and fully insured with liability and worker’s compensation

What kind of services are you providing?

Our Services:

• Architectural & Engineering plans

• Design

• Interior designers team

• Full 3D Rendering

• Consultation, guidance & management  throughout the entire project

• Assigned Project manager throughout the entire project

Our Construction Services:

• Custom Home Building

• ADUs

• Addition building

• Full home remodeling

• Kitchen Remodel

• Bathroom Remodel

What kind of quality would I receive?

We provide top-notch high-end quality results

What kind of warranty would I get ?

To make sure that you’ll have peace of mind, we are providing 12 months on any of our work. If something goes wrong, we’ll send you one of our team members to take care of it.

Are you providing the time frame for each of your jobs?

Yes, before we’ll move forward with you, we’ll provide you with the time frame for how long the project would take

How can I be sure that the project will look exactly as I envision at the end ?

To help you determine your vision for your project, we’ll take you to the showrooms that we are working with to select all the finished materials. Then our designers will integrate all the finished materials and your appliances into the 3D rendering software, So you can see how it will all come together before finalizing your order of the finished materials and to ensure that you are satisfied with your decision

How do you estimate the cost of a project?

While every project is distinct, generally speaking, our lowest remodel starts at 25k, a kitchen remodel starts at 45k, a full home remodel is about $100 – $200 per sq. Ft.  and an extension is between $400 – $550 per sq. Ft.

What is included in our prices?

Our price  includes rough materials, design, job labor and a dedicated  project manger  throughout the process to ensure high quality results and complete customer satisfaction

What is not included in our price ?

All finished materials are not included, like tile, countertops, light fixtures, cabinets, plumbing supplies, etc. City fees

What is the difference between rough materials and finished materials?

Rough materials refers to the “skeleton” of the house. This includes materials such as drywall, nails, rough electrical, rough plumbing, framing, etc. Finished materials are the final touches that you see on the outside such as tile, cabinets, countertops, shower heads, faucets, vanity, etc. 

What our customers think about us

We worked with the team on a major kitchen and bath renovation. We can't say enough good things about them. They truly created a dream kitchen for us. Initially we were very skeptical because of awful past experiences with other contractors. But the team delivered efficiently; they came back to us with great quotes and options, listened to our input and really thought about cost efficient solutions that made sense. There designs were modern and matched the style of the house perfectly . They went out of their way to break down costs and outline schedules for us that fitted in with our very busy days. Their team was courteous and always did a great job of cleaning up, which was really important for us, cause we had airbnb guests around at that time. I would definitely recommend them!

Eva B.


Can't believe the kitchen is now done. If it was this easy and quick, I should've contacted them sooner. I already had the material/look I wanted. Yoni was very professional during the estimate. The price wasn't low as I was looking for, but I think he made the best presentation and had the best reviews and they delivered! The team came and the kitchen was done in a few days. Very efficient use of time. My family is loving it. Thank you!

Kenji Y.


I've been wanting to redo my bathroom for a long time and started looking for the right company. I learned from my friend who started repairs in a new house that there is a company that will perform this task efficiently, he gave me contacts. Calling ASL, I told about my desires, about how I want my bathroom to look like. On the same day they sent me an estimate by mail, it corresponded to my budget. After they arrived and detailed the work plan, they were kind and attentive to my wishes. The ASL team realized my dream, they did everything efficiently and perfectly. I am satisfied with absolutely everything, especially the quality of the work, they paid attention to even small details.

Angelina M.


They did a full Kitchen remodel as well as an addition to expand our living space. They did such an awesome job- we ended up having them do a master suite renovation. I now have the house of my dreams! It turned out LOVELY! Very impressed by their work and friendliness.

Queen E.R.


ASL Remodeling was wonderful experience and great company to do business with. I am truly thankful I called for their services. They are not only extremely professional at what they do but also reliable and dependable. I had my kitchen remodeled and they offered me a very reasonable quote, always were willing to answer my questions and the end result exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be contacting them again next time I need some work done in my house.

Irina A.


Home Accessibility Modification Solutions

Asl Remodeling also offers home modification options and home additions for residents of Bay Area and all surrounding communities. When it comes to your renovation, “we’re not done until you tell us we’re done,” and we’ll make sure the final result is exactly what you had imagined.

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